yee haw albums!

 do you enjoy books? do you enjoy books all about you?

problem : solved

i’m uber excited to now offer albums for all of your photo sessions // hip hip horray!

weddings are usually the first thing you think of when considering photo albums. they are such a brilliant way to showcase your entire day / plus when people come over you can strategically place it so they are forced to reminisce in your favourite day with you.

but after love, and after marriage there comes a baby in a baby carriage. your entire journey with your baby is magical and beautiful and something to be remembered // but hanging your maternity portraits on the living room wall aren’t for everyone.

enter : albums

lets create a memory book. these experiences are worthy of being documented. they deserve to be shared.


1{re}bekah photography

8{re}bekah photography

2{re}bekah photography

3{re}bekah photography

4{re}bekah photography

5{re}bekah photography

6{re}bekah photography

7{re}bekah photography

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