{ hayden }

lets be honest. being a grown up sucks sometimes.

since when did summer break NOT last an entire year? when did babies start growing at ridiculously fast rates? when did i start getting wrinkles? i keep finding myself wishing time would just s l o w down // but it just does the exact opposite.

someone, anyone, please explain the phenomenon to me.

the more i think about all of the exciting moments in my family and friends lives, how quickly they come and go, the more i realize how important it is to document as much as possible. to remember these brilliant times just as they are. to freeze them, so we can replay them years later.

my darling hayden is almost 1. like, an entire year on this earth you guys.

| mind blown |

i have had such a blast watching this nugget grow up. here are a few sneaks of this wild little lady.


126{re}bekah photography copy

121{re}bekah photography copy

103{re}bekah photography copy

79{re}bekah photography copy

24{re}bekah photography copy

71{re}bekah photography copy

64{re}bekahphotography copy

46{re}bekah photography copy

77{re}bekah photography copy

52{re}bekah photography copy

36{re}bekah photography copy

18{re}bekah photography copy

14{re}bekah photography copy

1{re}bekah photography copy

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