kaeleigh + justin

“let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;

they are the charming gardeners who make our souls

blossom.” -marcel proust


ps. huge shout out to casey at austen photography for shooting this wedding with me. ❤

long-277 blob verticle long-3 long-5 long-8 long-10 long-13 long-21 blob3 long-26 long-34 long-39 long-36 blob4 long-50 long-55 long-56 long-63 long-66 long-68 long-74 long-116 long-139 long-60 long-77 long-92 long-94 long-97 long-100 long-102 long-113 long-140 long-88 long-150 blob2 long-156 long-183 long-206 long-219 long-220 long-224 long-244 long-252 long-255 long-256 long-259 long-260 long-262 long-266 long-270 long-271 long-276 long-278 long-280 long-281 long-285 long-286 long-294 long-301 long-274  long-309 long-311long-306 long-360 long-373 long-381 long-386  long-414long-409

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