Lee + Max | Omaha Wedding

1-2771-2201-396blogvertical9these magic beans got all married up on a rainy day in omaha and it was sort of one of my favorite weddings. congrats, guys! xx1-14blogvertical21-20blogvertical1-321-70blogvertical31-741-1741-2711-1041-1061-1191-1241-123blogvertical41-1511-1601-1561-1591-1521-1551-162blogvertical51-1871-190blogvertical61-2141-2221-225blogvertical81-2241-2261-463blogvertical71-2831-3021-3161-3311-3411-3551-360blogvertical101-3851-3891-4561-4841-4911-4941-4991-5171-5291-5411-5451-5551-5781-5911-6051-6161-6221-6281-6481-5501-4231-267

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